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Here I've collected the absolute best marketing courses I know about. Some are study-alone courses while others are online training, with instructors. I've personally read and followed most of them personally and can't recommend them enough.
James Martell's Affiliate Marketers Handbook 8 steps to succeed with Affiliate Marketing

FREE 5 Day Marketing Mini-Course

Affiliate Marketing Step by Step
Teaches you REALLY and completely how to become an affiliated publisher for some MAJOR companies and make good money from home.

Guerrilla Marketing For The New Millennium

The ground-breaking new marketing course by Jay Conrad Levinson. Learn to think and market like a guerrilla and crush your competitors.

Online Web Training  

Learn how to become a professional search engine optimizer, a SEO

Killer Tactics
By Mark Joyner
1001 Killer Internet Marketing Tactics - This is our (now famous) flag-ship marketing course written by Mark Joyner. Still the only interactive internet marketing course around. Widely regarded by many in the world as the most effective Internet marketing course on the market.

Guerrilla Marketing During Tough Times
By Jay Conrad Levinson
The only course that will show you exactly how to survive during bad economic times.

Killer Copy Tactics
By David Garfinkel
A fully interactive multimedia course by David Garfinkel, the man many call "The World's Greatest Copywriting Coach." David will show you "how to turn words into cash" in this groundbreaking tour-de-force. This course sets the bar for what Internet based learning should be.

How To Write Hypnotic Articles
By Joe Vitale and Larry Dotson
This ebook tells you how to get free publicity by writing hypnotic articles for e-zines and Web sites -- in 7 minutes or less.

Online Search Engine Marketing Courses
The Time to Start Having a Successful Online Business is Now... Before Your Competition Gets a Jump on You! Learn to become a professional search engine optimization expert.

"How to Create Powerful Offers That Pull Massive Results"
This multimedia video and ebook tutorial reveals our revolutionary formula of how to create instant, powerful, irresistible offers that sell 477% more affiliate products with just a few minutes of work, and how to recreate it for yourself instantly.

JUST RELEASED: VERSION 2004 of Corey Rudl's best-selling course: "Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet"!

... With 1,000+ pages of up-to-the-minute research, test results, examples, case studies, and the newest and hottest strategies for marketing your business on the Internet!

In 10 easy-to-follow steps, with 61 comprehensive lessons, you'll learn the SAME tested and proven fast-growth strategies Corey personally used to build his one-man business into a $7.6 million enterprise -- on a shoestring budget.

This is the SAME system that literally 1,000s of his protégés have used to earn $30,000 to $2.5 million per year using the Internet.

To preview Corey's brand-new course, and learn his most profitable secrets, click here now.

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